Holiday 1982 Day 13 – Risivoirs

… my unaltered thoughts on “resivoirs” … to see how we got here, read this post

Resivoirs – 14th August 1982

This morning, Mum, Dad, sister and I waked walked to Castleton. I bought some ‘Fools’s Gold’ and some Rock and some ‘Local History Cards’ then we went to the ‘Ramblers Rest’ tea shop and then to the caravan. Then we went to some rsvisors resivoirs in Derwent Vally they are Howden, Derwent and The Ladybower. The hamlet of hopton and the village of Derwent was flooded and given new homes. We saw a tree planted by King Gorge VI on September 10th 1945. Then we went to Castelton again and bought some sweets. Afterwards we went to Windy Knoll and this time we found the rubbery substance on the rock, wich which u is black that the ma Brain Woodall told us about on Thursday. he Mum, Dad, Catherine and I walked to Hope along and a footpath and saw Ashton’s mine. We walked back along the road. Earlier this day mum bought and great big piece of Blue John on a neclace.

Historical note – The Upper Derwent Valley has three reservoirs: Howden Reservoir, Derwent Reservoir and Ladybower Reservoir, all of which were created during the early part of the 20th Century.

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Holiday 1982 Day 12 – Bakwell

… the continuing adventures in the Peak District as told in the authentic 1982 diary of a boy … 

Bakwell – 13th August 1982

This morning we went to the Derbyshire Craft Center in Calver and it is very nice and I whic wish I had £ 50.00 to spend there but instead I spent 24p. I bought two very nice bookmarks with Antique toys on them and on the back it as got some writing about it. Afterwards we went to Bakewell in the rain and walked about there. Afterwards we went to the caravan and had lunch. Then Dad, Mum, sister and I walked to Odin Mine and back. After we walked to Castleton and then we went to Windy Knoll.

Linguistic note – interesting to see US spelling of ‘center’. And ‘Bakwell’ is, of course, “Bakewell”, famous for it’s tarts; oddly unmentioned here.

Day 11 – Long Walk          Introduction          Day 13 – Resivoirs


Holiday 1982 Day 11 – Long Walk

This is a verbatim reproduction of a diary I wrote in my youth and have recently discovered. All original errors are retained.

Long Walk – 12th August 1982

In the morning we went to Buxton for food and found out that ‘Postman Pat’ is number 62 but the records shops were sold out. Then Mum, Dad, sister and I bougig went on a long walk starting throught Cavedale and we went hight up and has and had wonderfull views. After us four went to a slide show by Brain Woodall it was very intresting. I understood the Castelton Doddler (I bought it early this week) a lot more. Afterwards mum bought me this book and Brain Woodall signed it.

Historical note. No records remain regarding as to what a ‘Castleton Doddler’ might be. Mr Woodall appears to have signed his name ‘Brian’.

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Holiday 1982 Day 10 – Peak Cavern

… the continuing publication of my old holiday diary

Peak Cavern – 11th August 1982

In the morning Mum, Dad, sister and I walked to Castleton and the Peak Cavern. Dad and I went in while sister and mum looked around Castleton. it was very nice in the cave and in one point it was four feet high in the Great Cave you are in the Castle deongon which the guards threw the prisons down and if the servied the fall the darkness would send them mad the guide turned the light off and you couldn’t see a thing not even your hand in front of your face. When he turned them on again he shone his tourch on the roof there was little lights shineing, no one knew that they were the cats eyes off the Mam Tor Road after it has been destroyed! It took fourty minutes and was very enjoyable. After we all went to Hathersage and saw Little John’s grave and last year we did some brass rubbing there. Charlotte Bronte visted the vicarage Just before writing ‘Jane Eyre’ she choose the ‘Eyre’ because it was on the tombs. then we went to ‘Mill Stone edge’ and climbed up thought through the heather and bracken there was lots of mill stones and boulders which we climbed and pretened they were animals. In the evening we walked to Castleton and had chips in a cone and scollops.

Linguistic note – dungeon, survived, torch, shining, forty, chose, pretended, scallops.

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Holiday 1982 Day 9 – Mam Tor

The holiday story continues … This is authentic diary I found from 1982 …

Mam Tor – 10th August 1982

In the morning we went to Buxton and mum wanted to see crescent and it was very nice Dad and I siming the pool was too full for my liking afterwards Dad treated to me to a ride on the mini railway and that was when we found the others we went to the caravan and then to Winnats Pass and walked up passed the entrance to Treak Cliff Cavern (we went last year) and along the hill and past the entrance to the Blue John Cavern and then up Mam Tor but I was too scared so sister, mum and I went round the side while brother and dad when went up the top and down the other side then we walked back to the car then we went to the Ramblers Rest and after Mum, sister, Dad and I walked to Hope.

Historical note – Grammar (especially articles) and spelling very poor today. I can’t believe I would have wanted to swim in any circumstances. A mini railway, however; always. “Scared”. Seems I was scared of lots of stuff.

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Holiday 1982 Day 8 – Castleton

The diary I discovered continues, as the holiday moves from The Lake District to The Peak District …

Castleton – 9th August 1982

In the morning we gave mum her presents and packed everything away. At 11:15 we left Park Coppice in Coniston. At about 13:00 we stopped at a ‘Little Chef’. I had chips, beans and a Beef Burger sister and mum had an ‘American Breakfast’! Brother had a “Pineapple Bumper Burger” with chips Dad had two plaice fillets with chips and half a lemon. We got on the road at 13:50. At 16:35 we arrived at Losehill Caravan park Castleton. In the evening we went to Castleton and had some fish and chips.

Historical note – There are now around 40 Little Chef restaurants around the UK. At the time of writing there were around 450. I used to love the pancakes. 

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Holiday 1982 Day 6 – Millom Energy

This post explains the history of these authentic diary posts from 1982…

Millom Energy – 7th August 1982

In the morning we walked around Coniston shopping. In the evening afternoon we went to Millom? the World of Energy exerbition there was buttons to press handles to turn and things to look at. Afterwards we looked around Millom ab, a bit of a hole but Mum and Dad bought us an Ice-cream afterwards we went to the lake and then rang Nain up and then Nana but she was not in.

Historical note – in our family “Nain” was the paternal Grandmother, and “Nana” the maternal one. Much missed.

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Holiday 1982 Day 5 – John Ruskin’s House

Continuing exploits of one summer in the earlier eighties… see here for the background

John Ruskin’s House – 6th August 1982

We went swimming but and sister came and she enjoyed herself. Then we went to Windemere and back to Coniston via the ferry. Mum, sister and I went to Brantwood (home of John Ruskin) while brother and Dad went boating. The house was lovley and in his bedroom there was a little opening and when you go in it is a turrent-like room and the view was lovely. Then we went on the nature trail which went for miles and was lovely. It was dived into three sections and if you where tierd after the first or second it showed you a short cut home. It also had a numeral system which went like this: In the guide book it had a list of numbers with a little bit of writing after it. There is 20. On the path every now and again there was a post with a number on it and it match up with a number on the guide book and you read about the place. Number 17 was the highest point on the walk and number 19 had a beauterfull beautiful veiw it was called “Photographer’s Point”! towards the end we saw a waterfall with no water hardly any water! and John Ruskin’s stone seat. When we got home sister went and mum did the washing (of clothes!) while Dad, brother and I went down to the lake quickly.

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Holiday 1982 Day 4 – Elterwater

The 1982 diary continues…

Elterwater – 5th August 1982

In the morning we went to Coniston to look for a swimsuit for sister but we couldn’t find one. Dad, brother and I went to the simming pool and sister and mum went to Ambleside and bought sister a swimsuit. Afterwards we went to the lake and sister swam and a catamaran came on shore with no one on it and I thought it was Donald Campbell’s but it wasn’t and another man gave the owner a lift back because he’d fallen overboard. We went back to the caravan then we went to see Elterwater and followed a long and winding road and ended up in Grassmere and saw Dove Cottage and the lake after we went home.

Historical note – Donald Campbell lost his life on Coniston some 15 years before this diary was written, although it was to be another twenty years before his body was recovered from the lake.

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